The h is for hemp.
The alt is for you.

Being alt is not just about products, it’s about choice. The simple choice to take a different path and to be open to better, alternative ways.

However, until now, we think being alt for coffee lovers has meant milks that are overpowering, thin or leave a lingering taste in your mouth.

h.alt has changed the game by creating a hemp milk with a full flavour creamy experience, which is good for the planet, and maintains a true coffee taste.

It means you can up your alt, while keeping your coffee ritual in place.

Made For Coffee

With a creamy taste and rich silky texture, h.alt is the new hero of plant-based alternatives.

Hemp milk (the h in h.alt) compliments coffee just as well as any mainstream milk, with a unique taste and a texture other alt milks wish they had.

h.alt is also a great source of calcium, low in sugar, vegan friendly and gluten free.

Yet, more than all of that, h.alt is for the barista and their intrepid customers who need that fix of alt, even if they don’t know it yet.

For early mornings, for warm cups and for great coffee, there’s h.alt.


The new plant-based hero that makes alt easy.

h.alt ticks all the boxes

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