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It’s a mindset. It says there is always an alternative to the mainstream if you care enough. That’s what led us to hemp- nature’s undiscovered secret weapon.

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I have always found it difficult being able to find a product that has great consistency, taste and doesn't sacrifice all the key ingredients when I have a clear need to achieve everything personally and professionally. Since the first smoothie with h.alt Hemp Protein it just clicked. Gone was the artificial taste that so many of the other protein powders have even if flavoured, the consistency was perfect with water or milk and it went well with so many ingredients. The added benefit is being fully Australian owned and plant based.I am hooked...

Dan R

h.alt hemp seeds are not only super healthy, they taste great and are so versatile. I love using them as a protein boost in smoothies, mixed through granola, sprinkled on my morning oats, or blended with cashews and nutritional yeast to make a plant-based parmesan alternative.

Louise W

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