Our Story

Born in Manly. Made in Australia. 

What We Believe

We believe when people seek the alternative, they’re actually seeking to be better in life, than what they were, than others.

To lead the pack. To live better. They look for what others haven’t yet understood. The seekers of alternate are the early adopters of better. For those ever seeking and ever evolving, the next discovery is always one powder, one milk or one seed away. For those that have discovered that secret, it’s not about bragging rights, but about a quiet confidence in being one step ahead. Hemp is the new version of that. The best option for these trend setters. And h.alt is the keeper of the flame.

h.alt is the new habit of the quietly determined competitor. The kingmaker of the secretly confident. h.alt is the champion of hemp, and hemp is a secret worth keeping.

 Where We Come From

h.alt has been a long time coming. I have been a lifetime alt milk drinker, passionate about healthy, simple, plant-based cooking for over two decades.

For me, hemp is more than a new trend and a fashionable choice – hemp products are part of my every day life. Having grown up in the northern rivers of NSW I have always believed in looking for better ways to eat and live.

That search has led me to a plant based lifestyle and my platform, Vegetarian Eats, where I share my love of cooking with family and friends.

It was through my efforts to find new ideas for this platform that I first fell in love with hemp.

Then, during the Covid lockdown I looked at all the ways to bring this amazing superfood to life and what started as a hobby has now turned into a vision and mission to share hemp products and their benefits with a community of like-minded followers.

I passionately believe hemp is the ideal new way to enhance health for those seeking alt.

I also believe this brand of hemp ideas, from seeds, powder to milk and beyond, should always be 100% Australian-owned, run and made possible through the passion of our local farmers.

So in case you were wondering, that’s why h.alt exists.

The h is for hemp. The alt is for you.


Founder of h.alt