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h.alt, made for coffee

With a creamy taste and rich silky texture, h.alt is the new hero of plant-based alternatives. Hemp milk (the h in h.alt) complements coffee just as well as any mainstream milk, with a unique taste and a texture other alt milks wish they had.

h.alt is also a great source of calcium, low in sugar, vegan friendly and gluten free.

Yet, more than all of that, h.alt is for the barista and their intrepid customers who need that fix of alt, even if they don’t know it yet.

For early mornings, for warm cups and for great coffee, there’s h.alt.

You know that Hemp is our hero of alt – but why is that?

Our decision to use hemp as the base of our milk is multifaceted, not only does it taste amazing and pack some great natural ingredients, but it’s also one of the best choices for the planet.

As one of the most sustainable plants out there, Hemp has a few advantages over other alternatives.

Why hemp is our alt mik hero:

The hemp plant is a bit of a miracle. As one of the first ever domesticated plants, hemp is versatile and efficient.

  • It helps us breathe: A Hemp plant absorbs 4 x more Co2 than your average tree, making it one of the fastest natural CO2 converters in nature! More Hemp = cleaner planet.
  • A friend to Water: As we mentioned, Hemp is more efficient than many other domesticated crops, requiring a fraction of the water used to produce dairy, almond and other plant-based milks. It can also grow much closer together, meaning it takes up less room than other crops, and requires less resources to grow.
  • Zero Waste: No part of the hemp plant goes to waste. The seeds can be hulled and eaten raw or turned into hemp seed oil, while the leaves, flowers and stalks of the plant can be made into CBD oil. We’ve also been using hemp fibres for centuries in rope, fabrics and industrial materials – it’s the plant that can do it all.
  • Hero roots: The roots of the hemp plant help our planet in more ways than one. The roots are extensive and help hold the soil together, preventing soil erosion, while removing contaminants from the soil it sits in to purify it for the surrounding flora and fauna.

Each ingredient in our h.alt Barista Hemp Milk was picked to help enhance your coffee drinking experience while complementing our hero ingredient; hemp.

In order to make our milk perform to the professional expectations of our baristas, we have had to use a few ingredients to assist with stability when our milk is used with different coffee blends.
  • We use Sunflower Oil - a natural oil made from sunflower seeds. This is one of our points of difference as unlike Canola/Rapeseed oil used in other plant based milks, Sunflower Oil is not genetically modified or highly processed. The oil helps provide creaminess and a silky texture.
  • Other alt milks on the market add sugar to their milk, we use Tapioca Dextrose as a sweetener to complement the coffee. This helps us keep h.alt milk’s sugar content low with only 4.2 grams of sugar per serve. Oat milk is traditionally higher in sugar averaging 6.3-10 grams per serve.
  • We want everyone who is lactose, gluten and soy intolerant to be able to enjoy h.alt milk. It’s why we said no to oats, avoided any other additional hero ingredients and stuck with hemp as our key ingredient.

    How to get the best results from our milk

    Here are a few tips from our h.alt barista Georgia: 

    • Always give the bottle a good shake.
    • Don’t let in too much air, our team has done the heavy lifting to make your work as easy as possible. So no need to work the milk too hard.
    • For the best result don’t heat the milk over 60 degrees. This will ensure you get the silkiest consistency.
    • When pouring latte art it’s best to pour fast and start your latte art a touch later to get a nice crisp finish.
    • Have fun! Get creative! And let us know your tips!