What's in the bottle

Each ingredient in our h.alt Barista Hemp Milk was picked to help enhance your coffee drinking experience while complementing our hero ingredient; hemp.

In order to make our milk perform to the professional expectations of our baristas, we have had to use a few ingredients to assist with stability when our milk is used with different coffee blends.

  • We use Sunflower Oil - a natural oil made from sunflower seeds. This is one of our points of difference as unlike Canola/Rapeseed oil used in other plant based milks, Sunflower Oil is not genetically modified or highly processed. The oil helps provide creaminess and a silky texture.

  • Other alt milks on the market add sugar to their milk, we use Tapioca Dextrose as a sweetener to complement the coffee. This helps us keep h.alt milk’s sugar content low with only 4.2 grams of sugar per serve. Oat milk is traditionally higher in sugar averaging 6.3-10 grams per serve.

  • We want everyone who is lactose, gluten and soy intolerant to be able to enjoy h.alt milk. It’s why we said no to oats, avoided any other additional hero ingredients and stuck with hemp as our key ingredient.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Tapioca Dextrose, Sunflower Oil, Hemp Protein (1.5%), Modified Tapioca Starch (1442), Acidity Regulator (332), Mineral Salts (341, 170), Emulsifier (322), Salt, Vegetable Gums (415, 418).